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We made the chocolate we always wanted to eat: pure. Bio. Worked at low temperatures.

We made it with the finest cocoa beans. Broad beans of the Criollo species, from the rainforests of the Amazon and the fruit forests of the island of Bali. Fruit forests which, through permaculture and polyculture systems, are regenerating and reactivating the virtuous cycle of nature on those enchanted islands.

We made our chocolate with cocoa beans dried gently in the sun, to best preserve all the nutritional elements. We sweetened it with a pinch of what is considered the most natural and wholesome sweetener: coconut flower nectar.

We have made a chocolate with the original strength of cocoa intact. That strength that made it considered "The Food of the Gods".

We then combined our chocolate with the most precious superfoods, and created our protein bars.

All strictly organic and cold processed.

Raw. Gluten free. With no added sugar. Vegan.

We put the wonders of nature in a finger. And we made it delicious.​

Free shipping with a minimum spend of €35.

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